Tequila was born in fire, according to legend.

Its birthplace is right outside of its namesake town, 9,580 feet atop Volcán de Tequila, where a spiky blue agave, the cactus plant from which tequila is made, supposedly exploded after being struck by lightning, and the Nahua tribe tasted the plant’s sweet nectar, which, both holy and blessed by Mayahuel, goddess of agave, became the spirit that would intoxicate the world: tequila.


Meet our protector, our leader, our hero…. reigning from Tequila, Mexico. THE TEQUILA BUTCHER embodies the spirit of Mexico. He’s the hombre at the end of the bar with intriguing black eyes and deadpan humor, dry as a sun-scorched arroyo. He’ll amuse you with tales of adventure on the high seas, evocative as salty skin.

By day he labors by his wood-fired smoker, perfecting his ancestors barbacoa recipes, the original “barbecue.” After dusk, you’ll find him with a sinfully smooth Mezcal in bony hand. Join him and he’ll tip his sombrero.

Offer him bad tequila? “Sobre mi cadaver” (over my dead body). If you think the The Tequila Butcher is an interesting hombre, just wait until you meet his Esposa (wife). but that my friends is a story for another day. Our vibe is all about passion, community, and good times. Life is short, surrender to its pleasures.


11:30am-2:00pm - Mon-Fri

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3:00pm-5:30pm - Mon-Fri + All Day Sunday

Appetizer Specials

  • Taquitos - 9 refried beans / lettuce / pico de gallo / sour cream / cotija cheese / salsa morita
  • Chicken Tinga Sliders - 11 tinga / lettuce / pico de gallo / sour cream / queso fresco / salsa rojo
  • Chicken Tostadas - 11 two chicken tinga tostadas / refried beans / lettuce / pico / cotija / sour cream / cilantro
  • Chicken Flautas - 11 two chicken tinga flautas / chihuahua cheese / pico / lettuce / salsa verde / sour cream / cotija
  • Mulitas - 10 corn tortillas / chihuahua cheese / carnitas / pico

Drink Specials

  • $2 Off Draft Beer Add Select Single Barrel Pour for $5
  • $2 Off Signature Cocktails
  • $2 Off Rail Cocktails
  • $2 Off Wine By the Glass
  • $10 Beer + Bump Butcher's Ale Draft Beer + Select Single Barrel Pour



Half-Priced Tacos, Tequiila + Margaritas

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